our patented powerful algorithms

Our Technology

Our Technology

Our patented, industry-leading technology, trusted by our countless global flagship brands, offers unprecedented accuracy through powerful algorithms, which provides clear direction and actionable, auditable results.

Our solutions provide:

    • Flexibility: hosted on the cloud as well as on-premise; can be deployed on devices
    • Speed: built on a modular platform, making it easy to swap out components easily
    • Elegance: ease of integration with plug-and-play, and ease of use
    • Transparency: no black box and completely auditable results

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We take pride in our many years of iterative efforts, which have resulted in unparalleled technology.

    • Speed and scalability
      • Can process large volumes of unstructured data
      • Can grow with your business needs
      • Can process 1500 -20000 records/second (Google processes 50 – 70 records/second)
    • Quantifiable, actionable results
    • Flexibility: API agnostic/language agnostic (omnilingual)
    • Ease of integration: Open system and plug-and-play
    • Higher accuracy and patented, unprecedented ability to validate and improve accuracy
      • 80% accuracy in 20 – 40 minutes; 90% accuracy in 80 minutes
    • Transparent: auditable results, no black box
    • Intelligent and advanced:
      • Third-generation AI with accuracy and auditability ahead of the AI industry
      • Complete analytics (provides more than requested; incorporates comprehensive contextualization extraction, including revealing what is related), psychometrics; and motivation: a deep understanding of reasons why
    • Full sensory input: audio, video, images, and text
    • Over three million sources of input, including social media, blogs and forums, international sources such as emails and chats, YouTube, Reddit, broadcast media, online news media, review sites, and call center data

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