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Saas Products

Our SaaS products are a powerful wingman that manages your marketing efforts on an ongoing basis, all with affordable price points for any size of business.

ManeuversTM Competitive Intelligence

Staying ahead of your competition is a major source of stress for many marketers. In today’s market, we face ever-increasing new entrants with exciting new features, as well as precise positioning from existing players.


ManeuversTM reveals how your brand is positioned in your target customers’ minds in relation to your competitor’s brands. It provides a trade-off decision analysis among various features, identifies needs unmet by competition, and suggests optimal messaging points and mediums.

With unparalleled accuracy, ManeuversTM dramatically improves revenue conversion through advanced competitive intelligence, capturing customers’ likes and dislikes about your competitors’ products and services, allowing you to adjust quickly to what customers need and want the most.
This product is offered as a SaaS with monthly subscription cost, which depends on your organization size.

CaptureTM Customer Recovery

When customers get frustrated, they abandon the purchase process and rarely take the time to provide feedback for the company to correct the problem. In the age of brand proliferation, it’s much easier to just move on to the next product.


CaptureTM reveals sources of customer dissatisfaction and frustration deeply hidden in the customer experience, helping you recover those customers and convert them to sales. We capture unstructured data from many sources (such as social media, chats, phone calls, emails and surveys) and identify the sources of abandoned purchases and frustration.

PrescientTM Anomaly Detection

When something goes wrong with your product and is beginning to cause consumer dissatisfaction, it’s critical to detect defects early to prevent a potential national PR disaster. This powerful technology empowers you to take decisive action quickly.


PrescientTM is our advanced AI technology that detects internal defects using sophisticated algorithms and social media conversations to identify product quality and safety issues. This is one of our products in our Defensive Strategy Suite.

MagniqueTM Reputation Management

Managing your brand reputation can be intimidating when we know that a crisis that can wipe away years of brand-building in a blink of an eye.


MagniqueTM empowers you to identify potential risks quickly and proactively as they start brewing in social chatter, as opposed to reacting after a crisis erupts. It develops messaging to turn a potential crisis into an opportunity to create enduring loyalty. It also uses a powerful network analysis tool to identify the influencers who have the most leverage in your network, maximizing the impact of your key messaging through affiliate marketing.

Many PR agencies and brand and reputation managers find MagniqueTM a must-have tool of our Defensive Strategy Suite.

MunamiTM Influence Acceleration and Amplification

Competing—let alone standing out—in an influencer society, where so many brands and influencers are constantly vying to get customer attention, can be a daunting challenge for marketers.


MunamiTM attracts those who are most likely to be interested in your brands/products. It magnifies your brand’s influence and builds a large following of highly qualified prospects who relate to and trust the content you provide.

How does it accomplish this task? It identifies key topics of interest to your audience, and promotes your brands and reputation using language that resonates best with the people that it impacts most. It also uses a powerful network analysis tool to identify influencers who have the most leverage in your network, maximizing the impact of your key messaging through affiliate marketing.

This drives high inbound marketing and conversion rates, reducing customer-acquisition cost and magnifying your brand’s online influence.

MeteorTM Social Media Trend Monitoring & Forecasting

is a powerful software module that identifies and forecasts social media trends and movements to magnifies your reach. An essential tool for any marketing strategist or analyst,


MeteorTM is a must-have to guide campaign directions, improve effectiveness, reduce costs, and create an efficient onboarding workflow in the marketing department.

When used in combination with campaign management software modules such as MaxCopyTMand MunamiTM, you can amplify the reach of your campaign with timely and relevant messaging.


ManeuversTM Competitive Intelligence


CaptureTM Customer Recovery


PrescientTM Anomaly Detection


MagniqueTM Reputation Management


MunamiTM Influence Acceleration and Amplification

MeteorTM Social Media Trend Monitoring & Forecasting


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